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Opinion | ‘Egypt has found a cure for covid-19’ — and other outlandish tales from Cairo’s propaganda machine

Recently, although, these tales have taken on a uniquely Egyptian slant: particularly, the concept the darkish forces plotting in opposition to Egypt are doing so due to its presumed function as a number one energy within the Center East and the world — and that its success in combating them affirms this proud standing. The prominence of such claims owes an awesome deal to the concerted efforts of the Egyptian state in addition to the inhabitants’s intense eager for nationwide delight.

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi has managed to meld these elements to highly effective impact. Since he got here to energy in 2013 within the wake of the Arab Spring, state-run media have propagated many narratives based mostly on an alleged Western try to undermine Egypt and divide the area’s international locations — a menace usually described underneath the heading of “fourth-generation warfare.” Sissi used certainly one of his speeches to military officers to determine a specific vulnerability: the comparatively open media atmosphere and the flourishing civil society organizations that he inherited upon his ascent to energy. Prior to now few years, he has tried to rectify this drawback.

The unfold of covid-19 has given the state’s propagandists a rich new source of material. One extensively shared post on Facebook hyperlinks the coronavirus to a 10-year-old plot linked to the rollout of 5G networks. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, actor Tom Hanks and billionaire Invoice Gates all make cameo appearances on this epic saga of spy warfare. The distinctly native twist: The textual content turned up on a web page dedicated to Omar Soleiman, a former chief of Egyptian intelligence.

Western critics of Egypt’s dismal human rights file usually deal with the federal government’s crackdown on opposing views. Much less famous has been the state’s lively function in combating imagined conspiracies with a counter-narrative of imagined successes. For the previous few years, the state propaganda equipment has been bombarding Egyptians with tales of the nation’s victories each day. In 2013, pro-regime media claimed that the Egyptian navy had triumphed in an imaginary battle with the U.S. Sixth Fleet (together with the arrest of its commander). A 12 months later, government-sponsored journalists touted an Egyptian cure for HIV — for sure, one other solely spurious story.

Even the previous isn’t resistant to such lunacies. In keeping with an exhibition organized by the Egyptian army in 2015, the Egyptian army’s alleged contribution was a significant component within the Allied victory in World Warfare I. (In actuality, for sure, the Egyptian contribution to the Allied warfare effort was negligible.)

However propaganda and conspiracy theories require an viewers keen to consider. As ridiculous as these tales sound, the unhappy actuality is that a good portion of Egyptians are sometimes active and willing participants in such absurdities. The regime’s profitable propaganda would have been unattainable with out the readiness of many Egyptians to droop rational thought in an effort to inhabit a parallel universe wherein Egypt stands on the middle of the universe and triumphs over its enemies.

Egypt’s lengthy and noteworthy historical past is a giant a part of the issue. The pyramids and different glories of Egypt’s historic previous usually are not solely magnificent symbols but additionally heavy burdens, a relentless reminder for a proud nation that its previous will all the time be higher than its current or future. This has made Egypt prone to a determined quest for deliverance from the woes of the current. Such makes an attempt nearly all the time finish in catastrophe. One of many few leaders to withstand this temptation to vow a revival of the previous was President Hosni Mubarak. Some argue that his restraint contributed to his downfall. Sissi isn’t about to repeat that mistake.

Sissi speaks the language Egyptians lengthy for. “Egypt is the mom of the world and will probably be nice because the world,” he often proclaims. Just like the pharaohs of outdated, he’s obsessive about grandiose development tasks, from a new Suez Canal to a new capital city. Sissi isn’t the reason for his nation’s issues however merely a tragic and inevitable symptom.

In 1995, Fouad Ajami revealed a outstanding essay entitled “The Sorrows of Egypt.” “On the coronary heart of Egyptian life there lies a horrible sense of disappointment,” wrote Ajami, who died in 2014. “The delight of contemporary Egypt has been far higher than its accomplishments.” His phrases stay extra legitimate than ever.

— to www.washingtonpost.com

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